A Living SD Library

This library has been curated to help people get into service design or develop their capabilities.
These books, videos, and podcasts have helped my professional progression.



These videos have helped me; understand the virtue of giving SD away, how to find true collaboration, and understand design for how individuals and organizations make decisions.

Indifference towards people and the reality in which they live is actually the one and only cardinal sin in design.
— Dieter Rams



Fundamentals & Active Research

Shelley Evenson has written “Service work is people work.” The most digital services rely on humans. Understanding how service design can impact people is fundamental.


Personality & Storytelling

Great services are great stories. Designing a service’s personality and prototyping the story as early as possible creates clarity.


Designing for Decisions & Making Services Real

SD revolves around helping people make better decisions about; strategic bets, technological investments, competitive positioning and making systematic change. An exciting strategy is meaningless until we have tried to break it.


Representing Stories

Drawing is the fastest way for teams to identify gaps and find opportunities and the only skill I use everyday. Visualizing conversations can creates clarity and alignment.



We used to be what we read but these days many habits come from what we listen to each day.